Seafood distributor

We passionately and persistently dedicate our lives to the 24 hour operation that is Northeast Seafood Products. Our relationships with fisherman and farmers supplies us with the highest quality seafood both locally, and worldwide.

Sourcing the best seafood is a small fraction of our business as we excel to the highest standards of our customers needs with a labor intensive dedication to custom cut every customers order.

Northeast Seafood has relied on our reputation and word of mouth advertising since We are successful because of our commitment and care for each customers individual needs along with an attention to detail that is reflected in the quality of our products. Dec 6, Market News 0 Comments. Greenhead Lobster from Deer Isle, Maine has been owned and operated by the Reynolds family since Greenhead grew from a small pier with a couple lobster boats in Stonington harbor to an operation buying lobsters from fishermen across Maine.

Greenhead helps keep Aug 23, Market News 0 Comments. Wild salmon season in the Pacific Northwest continues to have an excellent year! Sockeye season has passed it's peak and we will continue the remainder of wild salmon season with Wild Coho into Dec 12, Market News 0 Comments.

Happy Holidays! King Kampachi, pound for pound, are known to sports fishermen worldwide as one of the hardest fighters in the ocean. US anglers know this fish as the Alamo Jack The Holiday Season is upon us and the end of the year is near!

Caviar is the finest way to bring in Our favorite suppliers are fly'n to Vail for show, taste and tell! Facebook Google. Denver Distributors of Quality Fresh Seafood. Always Fresh. Wild Fish. Farmed Fish. Featured Supplier We work with lots of incredible suppliers across the globe. Read more here! Check here for our map! Distributors of Quality Fresh Seafood, Since Market News. Visit Our Blog. Read More.A vast array of California's fresh fish and premium seafood's are delivered to our doors straight from our fleet of fishing vessels.

With our professional buyers selecting only the top quality seafood at the best prices, our daily product offerings feature premium seafood at competitive prices. Nautilus Seafood houses a staff of skilled fish processors and grading technicians.

Proper handling, processing, and packaging are the reasons why top quality fish is delivered consistently to our customer's doors.

seafood distributor

Nautilus distribution is offered daily to all restaurants, distributors, hotels, and markets, delivered in refrigerated vehicles. In addition to fully servicing the United States, our experience in exporting squid, mackerel, sardines, and tuna has allowed us to become a leading seafood supplier worldwide. Through many years of working with trade partners throughout the United States, Nautilus Seafood is able to offer an extremely wide variety of seafood products.

Shrimp, Fresh Fish, Frozen Seafood. Shrimp, Fresh Fish, Frozen Seafood Our seafood are sourced from the best locations around the globe.

seafood distributor

We also take the extra steps in making sure our suppliers are within our standards in terms of handling and sustainability. Fishes are processed with the highest standards. Our team is trained to handle seafood properly and are dedicated in maintaining quality so you can enjoy seafood at its finest.

ABS Seafood was established in We were the first Japanese American company to harvest West Coast abalone and urchin to sell overseas at the Tsukijii fish market in Japan. Over the years we have continued to diversify our products and grow our company. We have a full line of sustainable seafood but we are best known for the quality of our Ahi tuna. The Ahi tuna is sourced from General Santos fishery in the Philippines. We have our own stall at the marketplace and we purchase all our tuna from small boats that make short trips.

We have many partners in the industry that we have worked together with over the years and look forward to working with them for years to come. We would be happy to help. Contact us through the phone or by email. Cart 0. Sign In My Account. Bay Area Seafood Since Online Shop. Product List. Contact Us. Quality First Sourcing Our seafood are sourced from the best locations around the globe. High Standards Processing Fishes are processed with the highest standards.It is the practice, intention and purpose of IncredibleFish to purchase and distribute fresh seafood in a manner that is completely consistent with the maintenance of healthy ocean and aquatic ecosystems; that enhances fishing and fish farming and secures marine seafood supplies.

Believing in the importance of healthy oceans along with happy customers, IncredibleFish makes every effort to purchase and distribute wild caught species from harvesters of proven sustainable or renewable fisheries.

IncredibleFish always purchases and distributes farmed species and other aquaculture products from fully proven and certified fish farming operations. IncredibleFish is aware of and in full compliance with rules, laws and regulations, both international and domestic, which are intended to ensure the viability of fish stocks worldwide. IncredibleFish is fully licensed to operate both as an importer and distributor of seafood and is fully compliant with all governmental requirements and regulations covering all of its operations.

IncredibleFish has taken a stand against the importation of undersized and immature grouper fillets into the US.

IncredibleFish will not import pre-cut grouper fillets which are cut from groupers smaller than the FWC minimum size limit. We also do not purchase groupers, no matter which country they are from, which do not meet the FWC minimum size requirement Florida Rule: 68B IncredibleFish performed a yield test on 18 inch total length red groupers, the minimum size allowed by the FWC.

This is also the minimum size allowed for whole red grouper imports from Mexico into the US. We had performed this test in order to try to put a stop to importers and suppliers bringing in pre-cut grouper fillets cut from undersized grouper from Mexico.

After filleting multiple red grouper, we found that an 18 inch grouper will yield a 9oz fillet. To support this claim, research has shown that the average size of red grouper maturation is approximately 20 inches. However, the range of maturation for female red groupers ranges from inches.

We do not support the importation of undersized pre-cut red grouper fillets less than 9oz. IncredibleFish had also performed a yield test on scamp and gag groupers. After our test, we decided that IncredibleFish will not import pre-cut scamp grouper fillets smaller than 8oz. We also will not import pre-cut gag or black grouper fillets smaller than 1.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We grouped black grouper with our gag grouper results based on yield and minimum allowable size limits. A copy of our test results can be provided if requested. IncredibleFish does not purchase any snappers smaller than 12 inches. In regards to weight, this means that IncredibleFish will only purchase snappers from 1 pound and up. The practice of purchasing and selling snapper greater than 12 inches aids in increasing the sustainability of the fishery.

It is important to note, that yellowtail are typically more elongated than other snappers. This characteristic yields a longer length and lighter weighing snapper. After reviewing some research, we found supporting evidence that yellowtail snapper will reach maturation at a smaller size than 12 inches.You can unsubscribe anytime.

When you partner with us, we become an extension of your team. Sam Rust knows the ins and outs of fin fish. We provide the fresh ingredients that are essential to excellent sushi. We carry a variety of specialty condiments and dry goods that complement your meal — surf or turf.

View all Condiments, Spices, Extras. Protecting local waters and supporting our local community are top priorities.

seafood distributor

We understand that our actions today have consequences tomorrow. This knowledge shapes our day-to-day decisions and the long-term vision for our company. For decades, Sam Rust has been proud to source from sustainable, eco-conscious vendors locally and around the world who care just as much about the future of our industry as we do.

Ozone water sanitation is the most powerful oxidizer and organic disinfectant that can be safely used for the control of microbes, including mold, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. In addition to complying with strict local and federal regulations, Sam Rust takes it a step further with a self-imposed set of standards that must be met.

Our employees receive specialized training on each product to ensure our seafood is checked for quality every step of the way.

Sam Rust partners with a number of local organizations as a way to give back to the community that supports us. We recognize the importance of supporting causes right here in Virginia, and take great care to source as much of our seafood from local boats and fishermen as possible. Often I'll talk with my account manager at Sam Rust and they'll come up with a product that I didn't know about or you don't see in the market - which helps keep my menu exciting.

Your Email required. Become a customer Order Now Call Now. Use the link below to see offerings available for non-contact transactions at our pick-up points. Order Now. Catch The Latest Curbside. View Our Products. Weekly Seafood Spotlight. Subscribe to the newsletter Catch the latest news and updates!

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Constant Contact Use.Ocean Seafood Depot is committed to helping protect the health and safety of our clients and employees. We are closely monitoring the changing situation and complying with Public Health guidance. Retail Store : Wednesday to Saturday a. In Business for over 20 years, we are one of he most trusted distributors of fresh and frozen seafood in the tri-state area.

Our dedicated employees are committed to providing our customers with quality products, competitive prices and excellent service.

The Top 25 North American Seafood Suppliers

Using quality products at competitive prices Ocean Seafood is one of the finest seafood distributors in New Jersey. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that our products are checked for freshness and quality before coming to you.

As part of our service we strive to understand your individual business needs, so we can deliver what you need to be successful and profitable. Ocean Seafood Depot is proudly one of the longest established seafood distributors in New Jersey. Our team provides our customers with the best seafood experience. Standing firm on our commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction Ocean Seafood Depot offers:. At Ocean Seafood Depot we support sustainable seafood that comes directly from fisheries that adopt sustainable practices.

Ocean Seafood Depot is committed to providing our customers with the finest fresh and frozen seafood to the retail store. Standing firm on our commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction. Our retail store features a large selection of fresh and frozen seafood. We are bringing a new experience. Together in our retail store a raw bar where you can taste some of our products, shop for frozen items and order fresh fish to take home right out of our high tech warehouse facility.

There are over species of shrimp worldwide that have commercial value. Of these a select few hold importance in the us fresh seafood market. All of which fall under warm water shrimp, fresh water shrimp and cold water shrimp.

White shrimp are the most popular warm water species in america because of their sweet taste and pleasing texture.For your fresh or frozen seafood needs, look to Water Street Seafood.

When Water Street says fresh, we mean fresh! All of our seafood is handled with care, which assures you of prime quality and utmost freshness from our products.

See Modesto's new sustainable seafood company serving top valley restaurants

Whether it's custom cut fish, or an order of frozen shrimp, we put our pride into every order. You get what you want when you want it! From the Boat to You in One Day! We deliver throughout North Florida six days a week and ship freight orders all over the United States and Canada.

Receive daily updates on Water Street's available inventory and pricing. Being updated! Located in one of the most productive and pristine areas of the Gulf of Mexicoour fleet of fishing boats produces the finest seafood available from the Apalachicola Bay region. We can offer you over 50 species of fish and a wide variety of shellfish. Water Street has the fresh seafood you demand as well as offering a full line of the finest frozen seafood from all of over the world.

When you want seafood, you want it nowand Water Street Seafood delivers. Our refrigerated trucks leave every morning to distribute throughout the northwest Florida region, plus shipping via air freight from two area airports to all parts of the world. Sections of the Southeast are serviced by truck on a weekly basis. Water Street Seafood. Florida Seafood.

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