Hisun sector 750 problems

The video above shows where the transmission fluid dipstick is located in your L and how to check the transmission fluid level. This is only able to happen because of the front and rear differentials of the vehicle.

Click today and save money! Nissan - drivetrain. Five of the most prominent symptoms that your car has an intake manifold gasket leak. These replacement parts meet the Yamaha specifications. Created with Sketch. In this scenario, the UTV engine powers a hydraulic pump called an axial piston pump that has a handful of pistons in a circular array sitting on a plate. He says he recently rebuilt the engine's top end. Removing your all-terrain vehicle's drive shaft can easily be done with a few tools in Nissan manual transmission we offer a complete line of parts and rebuild kits to help you with manual transmission problems.

Fax Most of the problems noted occur frequently only in extreme use or, and in the case with riding too slow in high range, from improper riding technique. Get the latest Hisun Sector reviews, and Hisun Sector prices and specifications. Final transmission. KidNme goes through all the common problems in your Scooter, Buggy or Atv. We have one of the largest Hisun parts inventories on the Web. The replacement from ODES is about bucks. For years, Hisun has been manufacturing affordable UTVs that are built for both fun and work.

Transmission parts 31 Switch Parts 3 New When the transmission fails or if a bushing goes out on your ATV, you need to remove the drive shaft in order to repair the four-wheeler. Rear Drive Output Shaft Kit.

hisun sector 750 problems

It most likely needs retimed. All of the manual listed below are full factory service manuals with hundreds of pages containing step by step instructions, full wiring diagrams and detailed illustrations on how to repair, rebuild or maintain virtually anything to your ATV or UTV. Oil filter. The price is right. The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Once there The Multec 3.

hisun sector 750 problems

Hisun is currently working on making it offical. The next type of transmission is the semi-automatic transmission. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser. Skip to content. A couple of things I'll be keeping in mind when I'm ready to purchase: First, as mentioned above, is the ability to get parts. The engine is a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, cc mill mated to an automatic transmission with high, low, neutral and reverse gears.

Enthusiasts sometimes overlook UTV transmission and differential maintenance. Problem 2 — I replaced my servo motor and it works now but not properly. Shaft drive. So, I started to fabricate my own. A wide variety of utv transmission options are available to you, There are 5, suppliers who sells utv transmission on Alibaba. The Hydrostatic Transmission a Non-Belt Option The hydrostatic transmission is a fluid power system with infinitely variable control independent of engine speed.

Within less then a mile i started hearing this grinding noise The Cyclepedia Press LLC Hisun Strike Crew Side X Side online service manual features detailed photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran technician. Service Brake.Page of Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Owner's Manual Fully understanding this manual and following all of the instructions herein will provide the knowledge needed to operate this ATV in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Failure to follow WARNING instructions could result in severe injury or death to the machine operator, passenger, bystander, or a person inspecting or repairing the machine. It is illegal and unsafe to operate this ATV on any public street, road or highway. They contain important information for safe and proper operation of your ATV.

Never remove any labels from your ATV. If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replacement label is available from your dealer. Page 10 Location of the Warning and Safety Labels Page 11 Location of the Warning and Safety Labels [10] [11] An ATV handles differently from other vehicles including motorcycles and cars. A collision or rollover can occur quickly, even during routine maneuvers such as turning and riding on hills or over obstacles, if you fail to take proper precautions.

Also remember even though a person may fit within the age group to be a passenger, they may not posses the strength, agility, or judgement to ride safely and could risk injury. You should also wear eye protection goggles or face shieldgloves, boots, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, and long pants. Always be especially cautious on these kinds of terrain. Shift your weight to the uphill side of the ATV.

Never attempt to turn the ATV around on any hill until you have mastered the turning technique described in this manual on level ground. Remember that wet brakes may have reduced stopping ability. Test your brakes after leaving water. If necessary, apply them several times to let friction dry out the linings.

Do not refuel right after the engine has been running and is still very hot. Page 20 Description and Vehicle Identification Page Identification Number Records Description and Vehicle Identification NOTE: Vehicle identification number The machine you have purchased may differ The vehicle identification number is stamped slightly from those shown in the figures of into the frame.

Identification number records Record the key identification number, vehicle identification number model The key can be removed in this position. Continuous use while the light is on may cause damage to the engine. Page Clock Time Adjustment Control Functions then to the hours meter; then it starts the displayed mileage from miles cycle over.

The odometer displays the total distance Clock time adjustment traveled by the ATV. The tripometer records Press the left button and hold for three distances for a specific trip and can record seconds and the clock goes into the hour distances from 0 through Page 28 Control Functions make sure the 4WD lock indicator is on.The new Strike has a cc EFI-fed V-twin that makes a claimed 65 horsepower and does 70 mph in high range and 50 mph in low.

hisun sector 750 problems

Strikes have a sporty, non-tilting bed with a pound capacity, highback bucket seats, aggressive styling, and a tilt steering wheel with EPS assist. HPG piggyback shocks deliver 11 inches of travel with long A-arms, and they have adjustable compression and rebound damping, plus ring preload adjusters.

Four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a parking brake on the center console are also sporty, and the Strike has a locking front differential and unlocking rear diff.

HISUN HS750ATV Owner's Manual

The engine sits behind and between the seats with a center-exit, dual-outlet exhaust, and it tows pounds via a 1. Standard equipment includes EPS, a pound winch, side mirrors, turn signals in the heavy-duty front bumper, emergency flashers, adjustable highback seats, roof, windshield, horn, analog-digital display, LED halo lights, and new two-tone aluminum wheels with aggressive Wanda tires. Not very fast. Hisun claims 65 horsepower, and Can-Am claims 85 horsepower for its Commander engine.

Throttle response is good, but acceleration is lethargic compared to other s. Smooth and steady. With a top speed of 50 mph for low range, the CVT tuning could be better for hardcore off-roading. High range is good for up to 70 mph. The locking front diff is nice, as is the unlocking rear diff, which helps turning and saves turf.

The CVs are stout, and the axles are protected by nice aluminum A-arm guards. Also smooth and steady. Aggressive tires and the smooth power delivery also aid turning, but the soft suspension produces a lot of body roll in corners. It slides predictably on harder surfaces, and we were impressed with its sure-footedness on snow and ice.

Pretty good. Long and sturdy A-arms are mated with Yit piggyback shocks with position compression and rebound adjusters and dual-ring preload adjusters. Damping and spring rates are in the ballpark with the standard compression setting of 13 clicks out, front and rear. The shocks do a good job on small hits and trail junk but bottom pretty easily. They heat up pretty quickly in desert whoops. Not very strong.

Four-wheel hydraulic brakes with ventilated discs look good on paper, but it takes a lot of pedal pressure to get them to bring the Strike down from speed. We took the Strike up in the Sierra Madre Mountains, and it was great on the twisty forest trails, snow, ice and slush.

The sedate power delivery and aggressive tires are great for slick conditions, and the ride is really fun on USFS roads and trails. Its turn signals, horn and windshield make it easily licensed for the street in 23 states, so you can connect with distant trails too. The roof, windshield, seats and tilt steering wheel are all very nice, and noise and vibration levels in the cabin are low.

Smooth power and suspension add to a comfortable ride, and the instruments and toggle switches are easy to read and use. There are no passenger hold points other than the loop high on the cage. It has over fenders, but the wide Mud flaps and doors would be better. Cabin comfort is excellent, and the suspension and handling are good, but the brakes and CVT need work. Bed capacity … lb. Hitch …1. Articulation is good in rocks, and the Strike has 13 inches of ground clearance and locking front and rear diffs.

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Massimo msu 700 utv up close, I walk around and talk about it.

You might also like.Step into a full-size Side X Side with confidence. The Sector is built to get you wherever you need to go quickly and comfortably. Eng French. HS FORGE i. MSRP and specifications obtained from competitor's website.

Overall Vehicle L x W x H : " x 61" x Red Brand. Didn't know what to expect. Thought it was slightly under powered at first, but after a couple of miles it really seemed to pick up power. All the features work great. This thing is actually really well built, both my father and I are genuinely impressed. Going on 3 months of rough use on the farm and no hiccups yet. Good price, great machine. Great Machine I have had my Sector for about 4 months now and it has been awesome.

After comparing it with all the other "major brands", you just can't beat the value. The only knock I have on it is the grommets that hold the seat in place have ripped from simply taking the seat off to check the oil or clean it up. It is a minor thing and the dealership that I bought the machine from replaced them for me. I then took a drill bit and widened the hole in the grommets a bit and everything has worked great since.

I just got the snow plow added, but have not got to try it out yet. Jeff b. Love my sector I got my sector last August an has been an awesome rig. I've since added a light bar and 27" tires. Best upgrade you can do is jbs hot rods clutch kit - thing comes alive! Baum from Oklahoma. After comparing it with all the other "machines out there", you just can't beat the value.

The only knock I have on it is I am having problems finding accessories for it. Like a brush guard.Like this Sector Crew, the featured impressive levels of standard equipment and convenience. With the being a higher-spec model, the standard equipment list is actually up a few rungs from that nicely equipped cc, single-powered model.

All of the larger Sector models feature doors—four in this case—and each with chrome door handles. A full roof is standard, as are side mirrors, turn signals, a horn, a winch, tow hooks, a hitch, bumpers, adjustable gas-charged shocks and electric power steering.

The Crew is upgraded from that standard option list. The pound-capacity winch of the is a pound capacity winch for the And where the has a manual dump bed, the has a standard electric dump bed. Under the dump bed is located a liquid-cooled V-twin with electronic fuel injection. Power from the potent engine is routed to the wheels via a CVT. Power gets to the wheels via shaft drive.

Both front and rear differentials may be locked or unlocked.

2017 Hisun Sector Crew 750 Specs

We applaud that option. Oddly enough, the has a slightly smaller fuel tank at 7. Reverse, neutral, high and low are your shift options. When you park the car, there is a foot-operated parking brake high on the left side of the machine just under the dash. The parking brake holds the machine extremely well. The problem for us is that when stepping on the rear brake pedal, it releases the parking brake.

Are Hisun Side-by-Sides Good Quality?

We would park on a steep hill while working and hold the machine in place with the foot brake while setting the parking brake with your left foot. It is hard to trust the parking brake and release the foot brake, but you must or the parking brake will not set. Engine braking is enthusiastic, but if you rely only on engine braking long enough, it releases somewhat and rolls faster, then you must compensate with the brakes.

We actually like this type of engine braking. We usually shift to high for descents to make the engine braking a little less abrupt. Fortunately, the brakes are more than up to the job and, in fact, require a little care with the machine empty. That makes sense in a machine designed to tow and carry cargo and humans. Even though this Crew model is a heavier machine, it has ample power and acceleration in every situation.

Low range is nicely responsive, and we found only one case where we had to lock the front differential to get up a rock ledge. Acceleration and response from a stop are very snappy, and we found that riding the brake a little helped to smooth the response. Our test area has no smooth roads of any length.

All are rough, rocky, twisty or lined with cliffs, or otherwise not conducive to top-speed testing. At 50 mph it was still accelerating with gusto. The fit and finish of the machine are nice, with durable graphics, glossy plastic and even metal kick plates on the door seals. The dash is clean, but it does have a significant array of switches to engage the lights, high and low beams, hazard lights, turn signals, bed dump, 2WD and 4WD, front and rear diff-lock and winch controls.

They are wide enough for three, but only have seat belts and headrests for two. Despite being a heavier vehicle, the engine performance is substantial. It is a powerhouse that runs well, climbs hard and gets work done without drama. There is some engine noise in the cab, but no odd intake moan or harmonics.

It is far from the loudest mechanical level we have heard inside a UTV. Overall suspension travel of While the shocks are not a name brand with an aftermarket presence, they are infinitely preload adjustable, have damping adjustments that work and feature reservoirs on the shocks, and that is unusual in this category.Hisun Side-by-Sides are a decent, mid-range, product that for the price, will give the consumer the necessary attributes most UTV consumers want in a vehicle.

While other brands boast better performance and slightly higher quality, Hisun fairs well with its competition for their prices. With big names like Can-Am, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, and Yamaha, dominating the market, this new China-based company has been flying under the radar until as of late. The Hisun company has been around since and originally produced motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs strictly in China. Strictly speaking, the Hisun brand has been in the American market beforereally ever since and have been ranked number 6 on the list of largest UTV producers in North America.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that quite a bit of information about the Hisun name was so easy to find and that it was readily available to the public.

There were even various companies that had gone out and took a look and a tour at one of the factories in Chongqing, China. The Chinese factory itself is quite large sitting at about 7. It has a lot of, in my opinion, unnecessary amenities such as a two-story hotel, restaurant, and small movie theater. However, despite all the extras their factory process is up to snuff in my opinion.

Now that being said, I believe that Hisun does have much ground to cover before I personally would ever put them anywhere near the level of craftsmanship that Polaris and Can-Am are at. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Out of the various 16 buildings that are on site of the factories location, two of them are used for research and development purposes, which to me, says that they are just getting started in the UTV market and plan to really take off here in the next few years.

There is also an engine building plant as well as an assembly plant, and as a standard part of the factory process, all of the engines and frames are built on site, at the factory. The frames production plant is split into two divisions.

One is a molding and fixture workshop and the other is dedicated to stamping and welding. The factory process also provides injection molding, powder coating, painting, welding, as well as assembly and packaging. Much of those things are done right there in the factory in China. There is an assembly plant in Mckinney, Texas as well. There was one specific attribute about the factory process that Hisun takes that really blew me away.

It blew me away, not because it necessarily sparked ingenuity, or that it was something huge and unexpected, but quite simply because the Chinese company took the time and resources to actually go about doing it. There is a building on the factory grounds known as the CNC machining center. It is there that various engine parts are machined. What is fascinating about this building is that it is kept at a constant temperature of about degrees Celsius. It is kept at this constant temperature because if a CNC-machined part is created in an environment with one temperature and then assembled in an environment with another temperature, expanding or contracting of the part can occur.

It makes logical sense to have a temperature controlled CNC-machining facility, and one would think all factories would operate in this way, but Hisun is the only powersport manufacturer in China to do so.

The engine plant at the factory is also temperature controlled at the same degree Celsius conditions and German torque assembling systems and BASF catalytic converters are included as part of the engine development. Another thing that I really do admire about Hisun is that they seem to take the quality of their vehicles seriously in the sense of making them appealing toward their consumer base, that being primarily North Americans.Hisun lists its Sector UTV as a utility model and prices it like a base model, but the specifications and equipment are more in line with a well-equipped general-purpose recreation machine.

Like the Hisun Forge two-up quad Dirt Wheels tested recently, the level of standard equipment is impressive for a machine that retails for a tick under 10 grand. For a base-price machine, it has a quality look to it, ample comfort, aggressive tires on cast-aluminum wheels and fully adjustable shocks. It also comes stock with A-arm guards, a roof and a pound-capacity winch. On top of that equipment are safety features like a horn and turn signals.

You can buy a machine from one of the big brands at this price. One example is the Polaris Ranger It is the same price and has approximately equivalent performance at the same price, but at this price the Polaris has steel wheels, no roof, no suspension guards, no winch and no mirrors. Flip up the dump bed and you will see a big single-cylinder engine with a single overhead cam and four valves.

It has electronic fuel injection and transfers the power through a CVT. It is a willing engine that fires instantly and runs very cleanly. Throttle response is quite good from very low rpm. As the revs climb, the engine feels less content, though our unit was brand new and seemed to run better and better with more miles on it.

Inside the machine you do feel vibrations from the big piston going up and down. A twin would be smoother but likely more expensive.

Our testing was conducted in high heat, and the cooling fan ran fairly often, even after the engine was turned off. We never saw any heat problems aside from the fan running as it is supposed to.

Reverse, neutral, high and low are your shift options. When you park the car, there is a foot-operated parking brake high on the left side of the machine just under the dash. The parking brake—a disc on the rear drive shaft—holds the machine extremely well. You release the brake by depressing the normal brake pedal.

It helps to be short or limber to stop and park on a hill. You hold the brake to keep the car in position while you press the parking brake with the other foot.

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